VSI International Volunteering Programme, 2023!

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April 14, 2023

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SCI Belgium GoogleWhat are you doing this summer? You could volunteer with Voluntary Service International (VSI) in Europe (including in Ireland)!

VSI has just launched our 2023 programme of International Volunteer Projects, which include:

Along with many more values-based volunteering opportunities. The projects generally last for 2 weeks and you will be volunteering alongside volunteers from different countries. We have other volunteer projects available, lasting up to 12 months and also various global citizenship education activities. To learn more, follow us on social media or visit our website.

VSI is the Irish branch of Service Civil International, we work to promote peace, social justice, sustainable development, and intercultural understanding. We do this through volunteering in Ireland and internationally and through global citizenship education.


Contact Information: Voluntary Service International (VSI), e-mail info@vsi.ie, or contact us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.