Voluntary Service International (VSI) is the Irish branch of Service Civil International, a worldwide peace movement that began in 1920. We work to promote peace, social justice, sustainable development and intercultural understanding through volunteering abroad and in Ireland.

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Our International Volunteer Project database is filling with exciting volunteer projects 2019, scroll down to see some of our opportunities or go straight to our search engine with more than 100 projects available!

 "It's a very fulfilling and enriching experience that everyone should do at least once" Sinéad in Portugal


International Volunteer Projects 



Circus and theatre with kids (Tramelan BE)

Country: Switzerland
Dates: 06 Oct 2019 - 19 Oct 2019
Number of volunteers: 8
Required Language: French
Code: CH-SCI 7.3

Description: SCI organizes a circus and theatre week in Tramelan for kids from refugee centers together with children from this small city. The aim of this integrative project is to give the possibility to kids from refugee centers to have a rich exchange of ...



ConNat - Workcamp: Restauration of Raised Bogs in Waldviertel

Country: Austria
Dates: 19 Oct 2019 - 20 Oct 2019
Number of volunteers: 15
Required Language: English
Motivation letter: This camp requires an additional motivation letter to explain in more detail why you would like to attend.
Code: AT-SCI 10.4

Description: The bogs and mires in South Bohemia (CZ) and northern Waldviertel (AT) are habitat of a lot of different rare plant and animal species. As most of these naturally waterlogged bogs have been drained in former times for cutting peat or for using them ...



Environmental conservasion, Mangrove trees Planting and Teaching Foreign Languages in ZANZIBAR ISLANDS.

Country: Tanzania
Dates: 09 Dec 2019 - 27 Dec 2019
Number of volunteers: 15
Extra fee to be paid in the hosting country:210.00 Euro
North-South Exchange: Yes
Required Language: English
Code: TZ-ZYV 10.36

Description: Forest makes an important contribution to the environmental quality. Besides creating a renewable raw material, they can help to control soil erosion, flooding and avalanches, help to balance the earth’s atmosphere by carbon sequestration, improve the ...


European Voluntary Service (EVS)/ European Solidarity Corps (ESC)

EU-FUNDED volunteer opportunities abroad for 18 - 30s

PVN AlbaniaHuman Rights Education in Albania

PVN is an Albanian non-profit organisation that promotes peace through voluntary work and exchanges volunteers all over the world. This is an ongoing project with flexible start dates for a period of 8, 10 or 12 months.

See all our current EVS vacancies here. If these are not the kind of projects you are looking for, contact us. We can help you find a project that's right for you!