Voluntary Service International (VSI) is the Irish branch of Service Civil International, a worldwide peace movement that began in 1920. We work to promote peace, social justice, sustainable development and intercultural understanding through volunteering abroad and in Ireland.

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Climate for peoace - 4 volunteers jumping at shoreline.


We have launched our 2018 programme, scroll down to see some of our exiciting opportunities or go straight to our search engine with more than 500 projects available!

 "It's a very fulfilling and enriching experience that everyone should do at least once" Sinéad in Portugal


International Volunteer Projects 




Mission: Wolf- Caring for Wolves and Wolf-Dogs (Colorado)

USA, 20 August – 10 September 2018

Mission: Wolf (M:W) is a peaceful sanctuary for 32 captive wolves and wolf-dogs. The animals living there were all born in a cage. Most captive wolves do not survive to see their 1st birthday- they are often neglected. M:W works with the wolves to educate people about the value of wild wolves and drawbacks of trying to keep a wild animal as a pet.

 GlebeHouseJune2016 horse

Work on Northern Ireland Peace Project at Glebe House 

Northern Ireland, 03 September - 14 September 2018

Activities will revolve around themes of community trust, human dignity, and promotion of an inclusive society. Glebe House is a residential and day activity centre that promotes individualism and fights against stigmas from stereotyping.

 brewery czech republic

Work with people with disabilities at Brewery Chříč

Czech Republic, 19 August - 25 August 2018

Summer 2018 is here and Tamjdem is coming back to Chříč Brewery, situated on the border of Central Bohemia and run by Propolis, z.s. Beautiful countryside, visit of the museum, delicious home-made meals, talks with locals and a lot of interesting work is what you can expect. Volunteers will continue building the Great Wall of Chric using traditional materials, and also work on setting up the festival Kricfest and much more!


Killarney National Park Woodland Conservation Project
Co. Kerry - Ireland, July, August 2018

These 2-week residential projects are taking place four times this summer (June to August). Together with the park ranger, a team of 12 national and international volunteers and 2 project coordinators will work on woodland conservation in wild areas of the park. Free time focus is on intercultural exchange.

Eco Eye filmed a short piece on Killarney National Park and our volunteers there.


European Voluntary Service (EVS)

EU-FUNDED volunteer opportunities abroad for 18 - 30s

Plymouth Hope


Anti-racism through football and other sport in the UK


Plymouth Hope is a charitable organisation working for social equality. They are looking for an Irish volunteer starting in July/August 2018 for a period of 12 months.

Ville de Nevers (4)

Irish festival and youth mobility in France


Ville de Nevers is a community in France that works towards raising awareness on international youth mobility. They are looking for a volunteer starting in September 2018 for a period of 12 months.


See all our current EVS vacancies here. If these are not the kind of projects you are looking for, contact us. We can help you find a project that's right for you!