SCI Long Term Volunteering

Find a Project - SCI Long Term Project Database

Every 2 months SCI branches and partners worldwide update their vacancies on the new SCI Long Term Project Database Some of the projects come under the European Voluntary Service programme but many are open to all volunteers.

What kind of projects?

There are a wide variety of projects each year, e. g.

  • Working in a centre for refugees in Switzerland
  • Helping with activities at a centre for young deaf people near Warsaw
  • Working in a centre for learning disabled adults in Vermont
  • Working in a youth centre in Paris for disadvantaged youth
  • Working in an environmental / conservation project near Milan

What can I expect?

Although no two projects are the same, the volunteer can expect the following:

  • A contract with a detailed job description, working hours, free time etc
  • Useful work and special training where necessary
  • Food and accommodation will be provided
  • Insurance cover
  • Some projects offer pocket money

What are the costs?

  • We ask volunteers to become a member of VSI and to pay a project fee with their application
  • Volunteers cover travel costs to/from the project
  • Volunteers receive free food and accommodation during the project
  • On many projects volunteers receive pocket money


The EVS mode of transport Etienne CorishEtienne Corish cyclingOur staff will meet with each volunteer, and together with the volunteer they will organise an appropriate preparation and orientation programme for all aspects of their volunteer project. This includes:

  • meeting with former long term volunteers
  • visits to similar projects in their locality
  • learning the local language of the project
  • practical issues - insurance, finances, visas, health etc

How to apply

Go to application forms and procedures and follow the simple instructions.