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April 12, 2023


Date: 16 - 26 August 2023

Age: 18 - 99

Description: The CSA Seeds of Community is an innovative agricultural environment in central Italy. In fact, it is the first agricultural community in Italy that doesn't sell vegetables. The centre self-produces the food in a large garden, deciding together how much to plant, and how to plant it. The team is driven by values of solidarity, inclusion, sharing knowledge and respecting nature and human beings. The participation of members in agricultural activities in the fields is among the fundamental practices of the project. It demonstrates that another way of practicing organic farming, which does not exploit the labor of farmworkers and remains environmentally friendly, is possible. It is a small but significant step toward food sovereignty for local communities.

Type of Work: 

  • Transplanting and sowing seedlings.
  • Weeding weeds from the rows by hand and with light tools.
  • Harvesting vegetables and helping with preparation and division.
  • Peeling and tying tomatoes.
  • Mount fields with irrigation hoses.
  • Manually control insect pests.
  • If the weather permits, eco-construction activities such as plastering a thatched structure with lime or extraordinary maintenance activities are also scheduled during the work camp week. All activities will be carried out alongside the various cooperative members who participate weekly, in a spirit of sharing and exchanging knowledge, conviviality and cheerfulness.

Study Theme: The study part will take place not only through formal moments in which the partner will present the theme of the food sovereignty of a community of solidarity, but also through continuous informal chats during the activities, in which the participants will be constantly solicited by the members of the CSA to reflect about what they are doing. The focus will be on the two themes (1) food sovereignty of an inclusive community, (2) while respecting the environment, through the production of healthy food, using agro-ecological production techniques that enrich biodiversity on the fields.

Accommodation: Lodging will be in tents. Volunteers are asked to each bring their own tent, max size 2 people, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, headlamp, comfortable shoes and clothing, sunscreen, hat and a towel. The dedicated space for tents is at the edge of the woods, well protected from the heat of the day and dedicated to volunteers. For afternoon rest, we have a hammock area under the pear trees.

Requirements: Lots of desire to get involved and learn. Desire to chat and share experiences. Desire to put in some physical effort: work in the fields can be tiring, but here everyone goes at their own pace and takes the breaks they need! We ask volunteers to specify in advance any allergies or specific dietary needs.

Approximate Location: There are 3 solar showers, handcrafted. It is important to use only biodegradable and eco-friendly soaps. There is a Compost Toilet shared with the rest of the members. In a separate area there is also a gas kitchen with a pantry and eating area, a washing machine, as well as a clay oven where dough can be prepared and pizzas baked. Activities and life in CSA is entirely outdoors, away from city chaos and technology. A vegetarian-type diet is planned, based on products from our camps supplemented with products from the kitchen pantry.

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