Volunteer with SCI Germany: "Transition to Renewable Energy," 05 - 19 August

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February 13, 2023


Project Name: "Experience Renewable Energy!"

Date: 05-19 August

Description: The non-profit GMBH operates a guest house in Glücksburg, where they organize projects and seminars on global learning. The centre is one-hundred per-cent self-sufficient, and relies on only renewable energies. However, the building and its natural park have to be repaired again and again. In order to keep the house attractive to visitors, volunteers will help with repair work. 

Type of Work: Volunteers will assist in repairing the building itself, as well as in the planting of a new reservoir, and in general maintenance work such as painting or weeding on the grounds. 

Study Theme: Climate change, renewable energies

Accommodation: Volunteers are required to bring a tent, sleeping mat and a thick sleeping bag. Bathrooms and showers are available in the climate park, where volunteers will stay.

Language: English.

Requirements: Volunteers should be interested in climate protection and renewable energy, and are just as much required to be accepting of simple living conditions. Manual skills will be helpful, but are not required.

Location: Glücksburg, near Flensburg.

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