Volunteer with SCI Catalunya restoring rural roads in Vall de Siarb

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March 21, 2024

Country: Spain-Catalunya 

Date: 05 May – 16 May 2024

Age: 18 and over 

Description: This year, the Vall de Siarb shelter will host a camp about territorial conservation. The group of participants will collaborate in the cleaning and reconstruction of the old rural roads of the valley, collaborating with the Museum of Paths Project that was created by the entity. Participants will be able to enjoy a unique natural environment in the valley of the High Pyrenees.

Type of Work: The volunteers will be working on restoring and improving old roads: cleaning and clearing paths, rebuilding dry stone walls, placing stones, and improving trail marks with paint or better signalling. They will spend the working hours surrounded by forests and fields. Note: the work is mostly manual and physical.

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This project is part of our International Volunteer Projects (IVP) programme, a unique form of values-based volunteering that brings together people from around the world to work on short-term projects with local communities. More info on our IVP programme here.