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February 13, 2023


Project Name: "Cultural activities with asylum seekers at the Rixensart Center"

Date: 09 - 29 July

Age: 20 - 99

Description: The Centre for asylum seekers in Rixensart is an open centre for people who have asked for asylum in Belgium. Its main tasks are to feed, accommodate and provide social and medical aid to asylum-seekers. The asylum seekers stay in the centre during the first stage of the procedure (4 months at least). Each resident is encouraged to take French classes and all children are enrolled in school. The center hosts 185 people, including young mothers with children, isolated people, and families. The aim of the workcamp is to encourage intercultural meeting between the volunteers and the residents of the center, and to offer leisure activities to the residents.

Type of Work: Volunteers will propose activities for the residents of the centre, including children, teenagers and adults. These might be creative workshops, environmental awareness projects, outdoor games, or sports activities. Volunteers are encouraged to ropose activities according to their preferences, comforts, or specific skills.

Study Theme: Migration issues and asylum procedures in Belgium.

Accommodation: Volunteers will sleep in a large room inf the centre. Residents of the centre are entitled to €47 each week for food. Residents do their own shopping and prepare their meals in a kitchen provided. The group of volunteers will have the same conditions. The campleader and the group will think about the organization of the meals together at the beginning of the stay. Please take some food with you if you think it can be a problem. 

Language: Having good knowledge of French is recommended assome of the asylum seekers don’t speak English. International volunteers must speak English, at least.

Requirements: Volunteers must be 20 years of age or older. A motivation letter is required. Experiences in animation or artistic, musical or sports talents are welcome. The project can be psychologically demanding.

Approximate Location: Rixensart is a charming little town located approximately 20 km from Brussels.

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