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July 26, 2023

Title: "Create a Place of Reconciliation in Rabstejn"

Date: 27 Aug - 10 Sep

Description: The project will take place in a local valley, where ruins of the former concentration camp of Rabstejn lie. The goals of the project: 1) to ensure the rehabilitation of the former Rabstejn concentration camp, and 2) to improve the tourist infrastructure in the entire valley. At this project, you will actively contribute to the achievement of the UN SDG11 Sustainable Cities and Communities.

Type of Work: The work will be carried out in the area of Rabstejn Valley and it will be accessible from the camp on foot. The work will include removing woody plants, digging the soil, cleaning, installing educational signs, and marking and creating hiking trails (e.g. installing wooden stairs). The physical demands will correspond to the capabilities of the individual participants. An employee of the technical services of the town will supervise the work. All the work described above should take place outside. In case of rainy weather; you will work in the roofed building of the former textile factory or in the town.

Study Theme: There will be a meeting with witnesses (displaced Sudeten Germans, some of them lived directly in the Rabstejn concentration camp after the war before they were relocated) and students of the English College of Prague, which will be conducted in the form of lectures and discussions. This project is funded by a grant from the Czech-German foundation and therefore we would like to especially welcome participants from German speaking countries.

Accommodation: There will be a camp built for the purpose of the project. Accommodation in tents for 2 people, you will need to bring a mat and a warm sleeping bag. Facilities (such as a kitchen or dining room), toilets and will be on the premises of the former textile factory just next to the camp. A shower is outside and the water is heated by the sun. Bring a towel and warm clothes, temperatures might drop in the valley to 8 degrees. Please be aware, that there will be limited access to electricity in the camp, limited phone coverage and no WIFI! You will cook your own meals on a mobile stove.

Requirements: Please bring your own sleeping bag and a sleeping mat, a towel, warm clothes for nights and clothes and shoes suitable for work. Please bring your favourite national recipes to prepare for the international evening. (If you need special ingredients from your country, take them along).

Approximate Location: Participants will be camping in a field located in the valley, in the proximity of the former textile factory. 1.7 km from the train station Vesele p. Rabstejnem. There are ruins and monuments of the former Rabstejn concentration camp in the valley. The nearest ATM, pharmacy and shops are in the town of Ceska Kamenice (3 km).

Notes: The project is suitable for volunteers who like to get to know the history of the region and who enjoy working outdoors.

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