Sustainable Living in a French Castle!

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June 8, 2023

Date: 03 - 16 Sep 2023

Age: 18 - 99

Language: English, French

PhotoDescription: Château Langenberg is located in Wissembourg a French small village very close to the German border. The community that lives in the castles owns a 20 hectare area, surrounded by forests and nature. They are trying to achieve self-sufficiency and sustainability. In order to achieve this, they are building small eco-friendly houses, developing permaculture garden, renovating the castle to make it energy-efficient. They are developing many other projects such as a pedagogic farm, an eco-camping or a natural water treatment plant. Additionally, the community is taking care of horses and developing a “paradise paddock” for them!

Type of Work: The volunteers will be in charge of the renovation of the castle and its surroundings. They will participate in the installation of straw bales, the renovation of the wooden beams of a ceiling, the construction of a wooden shelter and the shoring of the foundations of the stable.

Accommodation: Participants will be accommodated in dormitories. Volunteers will be responsible for preparing meals and washing up.

Requirements: Volunteers must bring work clothes and personal protective equipment (gloves, glasses, FFP2 masks) for work on the site. For daily life you will need to bring sleeping bags, flashlight/headlamp and earplugs.

Approximate Location: The workcamp will take place in Château Langenberg.

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