Long-Term Volunteering Opportunity through Dismas House in Vermont, United States

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June 20, 2019




Wonderful opportunity for long-term volunteering in Rutland, Vermont, United States. The duration is between 12 weeks and a maximum of 6 months. If interested please contact your local SCI organization found in the following link: http: //www.sciint.org/contact-us/local-sci-branch-or-partner

Additionally, the organization's website is the following: https://dismasofvt.org/contact-us/

The organization and volunteering details are found below:

Rutland Dismas House provides transitional drug, alcohol and violence free housing opportunity to men and women getting out of prison so they can successfully reconcile with the community before living independently.


A good deal of participation in various components of fundraising activities, representing Dismas at speaking engagements on college campuses and at civic organizations, working with clothing and food donations and support of the residential community by participating in house group activities. The average daily work commitment expected is up to 5 -6 hours per day, however, the hours are varied and non-traditional, and may include some weekends and evenings. As a resident of the house, volunteers will live as an equal to and with the same expectations as the former prisoner residents: The volunteer is not at Dismas to act in a counseling or other related capacity.


Absolutely NO alcohol or drug use permitted during the stay; no smoking inside the house; no intimate relationships between residents permitted. Volunteers must be 24+, able to speak and understand a better than basic level of English, and have basic computer skills. A 90-day/3 month commitment is required, but volunteers may choose to stay for up to 3 additional months following the initial 3 month period if invited to do so.

Food: Meals provided.

Accommodation: Modestly furnished shared room in a large Victorian house; sheets, towels, meals, laundry facilities, internet access provided.

Pocket money: None


Volunteers must obtain health and accident insurance for the duration of your travel and stay in the United States. This insurance must cover you for all medical eventualities. You must bring all necessary documents, contact numbers, etc with you.

Fees: None

Visa: As needed 

Leisure Activities:

Recreation includes house activities and many festivals and events in area. Volunteers will participate in house outings including baseball games, hikes, camping. Time off for travel may be approved.