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May 7, 2020


Invitation to participate in an online reading group of "Words about Deeds"


Recently, a beautiful "Words about Deeds" book about the first 100 years of SCI was published. It is not only telling the stories of thousands of volunteers acting together for a more peaceful world, it is also inspiring to see what we can achieve and how we can improve the world by working together. 

This is an invitation for VSI members and activists to join an online Skype discussion about particular articles from the book, together with SCI enthusiasts from around the world.

After several successful Skype chats covering the early history of SCI, we invite you to join a 3-evening course on Tuesdays 12, 19 and 26 May 2020 at 7.30 PM until 9 PM (Antwerpen time) and read the following articles from the book:

  • 12th May: Ceresole and first camps (with Philipp Rodriguez as an expert)
  • 19th May: Beginnings of SCI work in India / Pakistan after partition (with Eleonor Marcussen as an expert)
  • 26th May: Beginnings of East West exchange in the cold war (with Philipp Rodriguez as an expert)

Discussions will be hosted by dedicated SCI members Marilou Ruijter and Heinz Gabathuler. Sessions will last 1.5 hours, with a small break in between.  Authors of the respective articles will also be present, when possible. Alongside the chapters, the hosts will also invite you to share your ideas on how this could potentially be transformed into an online course for members of SCI to learn more about our amazing history. It should be inspiring for new actions and new ways of working for peace. 

Chapters will be sent to interested participants by email, several days before the discussion takes place. They will also be available on the VSI website.  You’re interested, you could also order the entire book, more info here:

If you want to participate please send an e-mail to Heinz Gabathuler as soon as possible. Please include all the relevant information, such as your name, Skype address and any comments, questions and special wishes.