Jennifer's ESC Project at IUT2 in Grenoble

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February 26, 2024

Meet our ESC volunteer, Jennifer, who is currently volunteering at IUT2, which is part of Universit√© Grenoble Alpes in France!  "The aim of my project is focused on teaching young people English. My colleague Eliana and I work in the office in the IUT2, the institute of Grenoble, and we take appointments with the university students who want to improve their English. We help them to prepare for exams and to practice in general. 

As a total of 4 months have passed since I moved here, I have had a lot of great experiences. In September I went to Narbonne for my first seminar where I met 29 other volunteers in France. The seminar was great as we all really bonded and got to know each other. We did different energizers and activities and we all hung out together during the evenings. I have also been on a few trips since moving here. I visited Strasbourg with the association Integre, and I made many friends on this trip. I also visited Annecy twice, which is a beautiful city. I have also visited Lyon many times, and I went to the Fete de Lumiere, which was a fun experience.


In the coming months, I plan to do a lot with my time left in Grenoble. I will be going back to Narbonne for another seminar in February which I am very excited about. I also plan to take a trip to Italy during the break which I have at the end of February. I hope to see more cities, and to visit Paris."