Selected Projects

Check out our list of selected short-term projects in Europe and Ireland!

Selected Short-Term Projects in Europe

Portugal, Amarante, "Another World is Possible: Organic Farming and Fair Trade," 19 - 30 September

Provide support for local organic farmers and raise awareness of organic food and fair trade.  Volunteers will work on an organic farm in Amarante, and participate in workshops on fair trade and healthy food. 

IVP Switzerland (4)

Zurich, Switzerland. 'Intercultural Building and Upcycling,' 16 -28 Julydlkfj

The youth centre "Dynamo," in Zurich, helps young people to realise their creative projects. Volunteers will help in the building of local social projects, while also having time to network and develop new ideas.


Germany, Glücksburg, "Transition to Renewable Energy," 05 - 19 August 

The non-profit GMBH operates a guest house in Glücksburg, where they organize projects and seminars on global learning. The building and the natural area have to be repaired again and again. In order to keep the house attractive to visitors, volunteers will help with repair work. Volunteers will also assist in the planting of a new reservoir, and in general maintenance work such as painting or weeding on the grounds. 

Communal, Sustainable Living & Culture in the Finnish Countryside!, 11 - 21 August

The focus of the project's organisation, Saarela's cultural association, is inclusion and social responsibility, as well as the revival of traditional handicrafts and art. Volunteers will assist in the organisation of jazz concerts and Summer cafés, and will meet with retired locals to help them in their daily routine while learning about traditional local lifestyles.

SCI Italy IVP Post

Rome, Italy. "Agro-Ecology and Organic Farming in Italy!," 16 - 26 August 2023

The CSA Seeds of Community is an innovative agricultural environment in central Italy. The centre self-produces its food in a method that does not exploit local farmworkers, and remains environmentally friendly. Volunteers will work on the farm, transplanting and sowing seeds, harvesting vegetables, and even participating in eco-construction activitites. There will also be formal opportunities to learn about food sovereignty and solidarity.