Long Term Volunteering

Our Long Term Volunteering Programme enables people to volunteer from 3-12 months on a variety of voluntary work projects. The projects are of benefit to local communities and voluntary organisations mainly in Europe and North America but with a growing number of projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Our programmes

There are two different programmes for this:

Our projects

There are a wide variety of projects each year, e. g.

  • Working in a centre for refugees in Switzerland
  • Helping with activities at a centre for young deaf people near Warsaw
  • Working in a centre for learning disabled adults in Vermont
  • Working in a youth centre in Paris for disadvantaged youth
  • Working in an environmental / conservation project near Milan

VOLUNTEER IN KOSOVO 'During our early training I came across a quote from Ralph Emerson that said:" To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived - this is to have succeeded".
Volunteering in Kosovo gave me an appreciation of the impact that we can have through
seemingly small actions, wherever it may be e.g. sitting down with a group of kids and
helping them with their homework and thus helping them to avoid humiliation and
discrimination in school ensured they could breathe a little easier. Seeing the
genuine smiles on kids faces when they cracked a problem or managed to write a
new word or produced a new work of art convinced me that my efforts were
worthwhile and also made me enormously grateful that I got the chance to be part
of a project that is having a tangible impact.' Ruth Barrett Volunteer to Kosovo 2012

Why Long Term Volunteering?

Volunteers contribute to the projects in a variety of ways:

  • Through their skills and practical help at the project
  • Through their support and solidarity
  • Through the sharing of knowledge and cultural exchange

Benefits of Volunteering

A volunteer can benefit enormously from their time as a long term volunteer, through:

  • Experience of a new situation, culture, language, people etc.
  • Learning new skills (practical, social, language)
  • Exposure to new ideas and approaches to voluntary and community work
  • Satisfaction in seeing your contribution being useful

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