Short-Term International Volunteering Opportunities List

Are you interested in making a difference with your free time and finding a cost-effective way to explore Europe? VSI are now offering in-person, short-term European volunteering opportunities! Our dedicated staff has put together a list of projects which focus on our core values including solidarity, environmentalism, and human rights! Check out our list of projects below and learn how to apply here!

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  • Spain- "The Animal Academy (Fuerteventura)" Volunteers will be involved in tasks related to the animal shelter; cleaning, handling, caring for and feeding the shelter animals as well as constructing or modifying their enclosures. Also, organizing and participating in events. Working a day at the Academy’s traveling Solidarity Stand. Attending visits by school or therapeutic groups. Creating works of art in coordination with the team to donate to the organisation’s solidarity raffles, incorporate into their merchandising, or to decorate the facilities. 9th – 22nd October. Learn more here
  • Slovakia - "Rebuilding the History" Volunteers will help transfer material in preparation for remedial masonry work on Uhrovec Castle, located in the Strazov mountains. They will help with construction (bringing stones, tools) and with the cleaning of the area around the castle from overgrown vegetation. 7th-9th October. Learn more here.
  • Spain - "Corazon Verde"  Volunteers will help to re-establish the dignity of animals and will live with them in a natural, respectful environment, far from the "productivity" and slavery to which they have been subjected all their lives. 'Corazón Verde' aims to raise awareness among people and wants to re-establish a true natural living environment for animals. 3rd-11th December. Learn more here

Our international branches have arranged additional projects to these, if you’re interested in finding our more, please contact our Programmes Officer Eiméar