Short-Term International Volunteering Opportunities List

Are you interested in making a difference with your free time and finding a cost-effective way to explore Europe? VSI are now offering in-person, short-term European volunteering opportunities! Our dedicated staff has put together a list of projects which focus on our core values including solidarity, environmentalism, and human rights! Check out our list of projects below and learn how to apply here!

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  • Portugal: "Taking Care Of Earth's Future". Volunteers will promote the practice of removing garbage improperly deposited in green spaces and recycling it, and creating composting spaces to create fertiliser for a vegetable garden. 18-30-year-olds. 1st-12th August 2022. Learn more here 
  •  Italy: "Environmental resistance and traditional mountain values in Val Codera." Volunteers will support the  Associazione Amici della Val Codera odv in their work to protect, preserve and promote their local area for the purposes of cultural heritage and tourism. 22 Jul 2022-31 Jul 2022. Learn more here
  • Germany: "Experience Renewable Energies II" Volunteers will be involved in the Construction of a wooden workshop, repair work and further development of the climate park for visitors, planting a water reservoir, maintenance work on the grounds 6th - 20th August. Learn more here
  • Germany: " Village Community Münzinghof" Volunteers will prepare lunch everyday - for yourselves and also for about 15 villagers who work in gardening, agriculture, cheese making and facility management. Additionally, they will maintain a market garden  6th - 20th August. Learn more here
  • Spain (Catalonia): "Can Pipirimosca" Volunteers will work to maintain an ecological farm in the countryside where agriculture, far from being the main objective, is the means that allows the organization of cultural and associated activities. 24th July – 7th August. Learn more here


  • Finland: "Traditions, Nature And Gardening In Äijälä." Volunteers will help and assist the community residents and disabled people who are visiting Äijälä.Volunteers will also participate in daily activities doing traditional crafts, some householdchores both inside outside, and kitchen work. Work will be done together with the residents and other clients and workers of the community. 03 Jul 2022-17 Jul 2022 Learn more here
  • Italy: "Art Beyond the Walls" Volunteers will work together with prisoners and staff at Gorgona prison, mainly on the remaking of a mural painting created in the 1994 SCI project here, aswell as on a new mural on Article 27 of the Italian Constitution, relating to human rights in prisons. Volunteers will also join in workshop style activities with the prisoners in the village. 10 Jun 2022-20 Jun 2022. Learn more here 


  • Germany: “Prisoners of War as Victims of Nazi Persecution at Zeithain 1941-1945." Volunteers will engage in landscaping, gardening, construction and other conservation work to create a permanent “history trail” at the site of the Zeithain Prisoners of War camp. 9 July 2022-30th July 2022. Learn more here 


Our international branches have arranged additional projects to these, if you’re interested in finding our more, please contact our Programmes Officer Eiméar