Short-Term International Volunteering Opportunities List

Are you interested in making a difference with your free time and finding a cost-effective way to explore Europe? VSI are now offering in-person, short-term European volunteering opportunities! Our dedicated staff has put together a list of projects which focus on our core values including solidarity, environmentalism, and human rights! Check out our list of projects below and learn how to apply here!

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  • Switzerland: "Gipsgrueb Community & Organic Garden (Ehrendingen AG)" Volunteers will will work 2 x 5-day weeks helping the cooperative in the organic garden, maintaining an old stonewall, shrubs and hedges. Working with pruning shears, shovels, pickaxes, rakes. Harvesting plums and blackberries, if there are any. 28th August – 10th September. Learn more here
  • Italy: "Explore Garden Therapy Through Community Life" Volunteers will engage in work of a manual and agricultural nature, assisting our partner association with the horticultural therapy project and fostering intercultural exchange, both among volunteers and between volunteers and the host community. In addition, volunteers will help build a tree house that will serve as a space for future events organised by AgriTermine. 1st – 10th September 2022. learn more here
  • Austria "Nature Across Borders" Volunteers  will remove invasive plants to prevent irreversible anthropogenic effects on the ecosystem.
    Secondly, we will mow or rake dry grassland areas and selectively remove bushes and small trees to control forest growth in these species-rich open habitats. They will also have time to get to know each other and enjoy the early autumn in Austria and the Czech Republic 4th – 18th September learn more here
  • Spain - Catalunya: "Recovery of old roads and dry-stone building elements and discovery of an unusual valley in the Pyrenees" Volunteers will work on different tasks related to improving the paths of the Valley. These include clearing roads, rebuilding the dry-stone wall sections, removing stones from the road, improvement of paving and painting signage 29th September-7th October. Learn more here


  • France "Renovation of a chapel in Alsace near Germany and Switzerland" The volunteers will be trained and supervised by a specialist craftswoman. Your task will be torestore a wall in a traditional way, to work on other heritage locations in the region and to organise anevent displaying the work carried out by the inhabitants. 21st August–3rd September. Learn more here 
  • Italy: "Discovering Sicilian culture at Mirabella" Volunteers will clean the path of the Way of St James in Sicily (in the part that concerns the municipality of Mirabella) and create signals that will be positionedalong the access and exit path from the town of Mirabella. The activities take place outside the townand at the headquarters of the Pro Loco association. Some manual workshops are planned to support the association's activities (for example making of blackout curtains).The Way involves 9 Sicilian municipalities and connects the city of Caltagirone and the mountain village of Capizzi (the two communities are guardians of important relics of Saint James). Mirabella Imbaccari is the first stopping point of a route long about 130 km.  22nd August-5th September. Learn more here 
  • Slovenia: "Back to nature and community" Volunteers will support the implementation (physical, logistical and creative work) of a small local festival of sustainability in Litija, a Village Day in historical village Vače, and other activities in nature 23rd – 29th August. Learn more here
  • Germany: "Adventure Farm" The adventure farm mainly accommodates school classes, daycare groups, clubs and families. Volunteers will engage in Various maintenance tasks such as painting, building and repairing. 26th September - 7th October 2022 Learn more here

Our international branches have arranged additional projects to these, if you’re interested in finding our more, please contact our Programmes Officer Eiméar