Long-Term opportunity with INEX, Slovakia!

22 Nov 2022

Three new ESC opportunities with INEX, Slovakia!


1. Organising volunteering activities for kids, youth, seniors, and people with disabilities. Become a co-leader at different places of international voluntary projects, including: eco village, reconstruction of a castle or renovation of a historical school. The ESC volunteer for the position of "Volunteering activities" will be focusing on the following activities:

  • “INEX meetings” - contribute ideas for volunteering activities at regular meetings of volunteers and young people.
  • Becom a co-leader on a voluntary project in Slovakia 
  • organizing events for children, people with disabilities 
  • Writing articles on blog about traveling, volunteering, personal development


DATE: 1 Feb  - 31 Dec, 2023 



2.   Organising educational activities and workshops as an INEX Messenger, visiting schools, workcamps, other institutions. 

  • Focus on educational activities in the field of volunteering, the ESC programme, personal development and non-formal education
  • Plan and Prepare "INEX meetings" with focus on educational aspects
  • Visiting schools with educational workshops
  • helping with preparation and organization of 2 trainings focused on leading international volunteer camps 
  • writing articles on blogs about traveling, volunteering, personal development

Date: 1 Feb - 31 December 2023


3. Promotion of volunteering activities – Promotion of volunteering opportunities and activities through social media, website and blog posts.

  • Online promotion of volunteering, ESC volunteering, non-formal education and personal development programmes
  • Preparing and publishing Instagram stories, reels, posts, FB posts, FB events, albums
  • Prepare tiktok videos promoting traveling, volunteering, personal development
  • Writing blogs about traveling, volunteering, and personal development
  • Promotion of volunteering at schools, running presentations and workshops
  • Updating INEX Slovakia website
  • working with INEX promotional team

Date: 1 Feb - 31 December 2023

Total places: 1


How to Apply: 

  • This is a European Solidarity Corps (ESC) project and all ESC conditions apply. Please go to VSI’s ESC pages  to read about the programme. 
  • For more information and details on how to apply, please contact Eimear, VSI’s Programmes Co-ordinator, at programmes@vsi.ie.