Senka completes her ESC project with VSI

30 Jun 2022

We're sad to announce that Senka's project with VSI will come to an end next week. It's been brilliant working with Senka and we want to thank her for all of the enthusiasm, energy and experience that she has added to the staff team. We wish Senka the very best and look forward to seeing her around the VSI/SCI world in the future!


Here are Senka's thoughts on her time in the VSI office:

Nine weeks have flown by right in front of my eyes, and I can’t quite believe my ESC journey has come to an end with VSI.

I have to begin by saying a huge thank you to Helen, Mateja and Aine. They have made what I was thinking is impossible to become my reality! As somebody from a non-EU country, who is also disabled, I feel incredibly thankful. This ESC opportunity exceeded my expectations in all aspects, from the incredible accommodation which is fully accessible and international, to all the professional experience I gained by trying and doing. I want to make clear my gratitude for being able to get to know you five, including my fellow ESC co-workers, Eimear and Nick, professionally and personally over the past nine weeks. Without your friendship, support and collaboration, my time here would not have been the same, and that I know for sure.

Thank you all for giving me a professional space to call home. During our time working together, you became more of a family of sorts than just an ordinary group of co-workers. Like any great family, you encouraged me, assisted me, and helped me be better at what I do. Thank you for sharing the triumphs and the tribulations; working with you has been a true privilege. I loved that I was able to get stuck into a new role and learn new things that were completely outside of my comfort zone because, as we mentioned at our On-arrival training, your zone of growth is not a place where you’re comfortable, but where you march towards your goals.  I am especially thankful because I know how much effort the VSI team have put in to make this project - we all know that hosting a physically disabled person is a big challenge, especially in the time of covid-19 crisis. Thank you Helen, you’re an amazing woman!

At the end of this note, I don’t want to say ‘Goodbye’, but just simple ‘See you soon!’. I am both sad at the thought of this chapter closing but excited for a new one to begin.
So once again, thank you to VSI, but especially thank you Helen.