“Discover Europe from your Fingertips” - all the information you could ever want or need in one place!

13 Oct 2021

We have developed an all-inclusive padlet of resources, with interagency support from Crosscare Youth Services, and In Sync Youth & Family Services Youth Information Service for young people and youth workers who want to find accurate and trustworthy information for EU and in-country opportunities related to working, studying, volunteering, training, and much more. 

The padlet acts as an interactive info pack on diverse mobility opportunities, and also houses useful videos, articles and blogs from young people describing their mobility experience abroad and experience volunteering in Ireland. In this way, the padlet will make Europe seem ‘open’ from their fingertips! This padlet is intended to act as a ‘live’ resource so it will be updated regularly when any new information or development comes through so definitely keep an eye on it! 

This padlet can be shared with any young person or youth worker searching for information, and can act as a useful resource to complement any info session and activity conducted with young people that relate to mobility opportunities. 

Screenshot 2021-10-13 at 10.03.43

Just a snippet of what the padlet has to offer