What does Climate Justice Mean to You? - VSI’s Online Photography Exhibition

23 Aug 2021

VSI’s Online Photography Exhibition: The Brief 

What does climate justice mean to you


Topic/Theme: Climate Justice (and by extension, social justice)


Title: What does Climate Justice Mean to You?


Description: Climate justice views the climate crisis through a human rights lens. It recognises that climate change affects people unequally, and that it is those who are most vulnerable and least responsible for climate change, are the ones who suffer its gravest consequences. To seek climate justice is to seek justice for all; to make meaningful progress to protect everyone at the local-level and beyond.


Whether you’re an experienced climate justice activist, or you’re new to the movement, we all have a part to play. So, what does climate justice mean to you?


Purpose: This exhibition is to highlight the importance of the climate justice movement and to showcase its intersectionality with social justice and human rights. Often, these issues can seem very abstract or like distant problems, but climate justice is actually quite relevant to each and every one of us. Climate justice highlights how we all should look internally at our decisions and actions and reflect on whether the impacts we (usually unintentionally) have on others are fair or just


Anyone can take part in this exhibition; it is a free and open space for participants to express and share with others their personal take on what climate justice means to them, and hopefully encourage others to join the climate justice movement. Let your imagination and creativity run wild! 


We are accepting images, audio, and video files. Please include a brief explainer of what the photo/audio/video file is. Please note that we will only accept ONE submission per individual. 


To Submit:

When sharing your submission with us, please use this Dropbox folder link and upload your photos/audio/video file there. Please include a brief explainer of what the photo/audio/video file is.

If you have any queries or issues, please contact Maria at volunteer@vsi.ie. Only entries related to the theme will be accepted and exhibited in the online exhibition that will be shared online and is visible to anyone. The exhibition will go live in October. It will be displayed via Kunstmatrix, a unique platform that allows us to create 3D showcases of your entries!


We will publicise the exhibition alongside our ‘Next Steps’ resource of information on how and where you can get involved in the climate justice movement.



  • Ensure that when you take your photo or video, you hold your camera/phone to create a landscape/horizontal frame. This will give you footage that looks good on larger devices, not just phones. 
  • All phones and cameras have different settings but you must ensure that you are taking a photo at the highest quality of which your device is capable, as a minimum we would ask that you film at a resolution of 1920x1080 (sometimes just labelled as 1080 or 1080p). 
  • If your phone has the overlay grid feature please use it. This will help you keep your phone level and avoid tilted footage. 
  • Audio/video files should be small and short (minimum 1 - 2 minutes). We recommend files of about 1MB to a maximum of 5MB. 


Terms & Conditions.                                                                                                                                      

1. By making a submission to the exhibition, you agree that all information submitted by you regarding yourself and your submission are true and accurate in every respect.                                  

2. All submissions must be received by 5.00pm (GMT) on 30th September 2021.                           

3. You agree that by making a submission to this exhibition you are allowing your information and submission photo/audio/video file to be used by the organisers of the exhibition.                 

4. PERMISSIONS: When you submit your photo/audio/video file to the exhibition, it remains your property. We will not share it with anyone outside of this exhibition. By making a submission to the exhibition, you are giving permission for the organisers to use your photo/audio/video file in the exhibition which will be fully credited.                                                 

5. The organisers of the exhibition shall be entitled to assume that the parents or guardians of any entrant who is less than 18 years old have consented to that person’s entry into the exhibition. 

6. You understand that you can request for your data to be deleted at any time by emailing volunteer@vsi.ie