SCI Germany Online Project: “Let’s make sound in the silence” – Ravensbrück goes Digital

26 Mar 2021

Volunteer on this fantastic historical online project with SCI Germany! 


Project Dates: 02 August to 15 August 2021

                          02 November - 05 November 2021

Volunteers needed: 2 



Description: The former women concentration camp of Ravensbrueck was established in 1939 near the small city of Fuerstenberg/Havel. Until the liberation in April 1945, more than 120.000 women and children, 20.000 men, and 1.000 young minor women of the so called “Uckermark Youth Protective Custody Camp” were incarcerated there. The prisoners came from more than 30 nations. They had to do forced labor in different sectors, e.g. for SS-factories or the company of Siemens. Their daily life was characterized by hunger, mistreatments, and bad hygienic conditions. Tens of thousands of prisoners were killed. Today, Ravensbrueck Memorial Museum keeps traces and records, enhances remembrance and research, and creates a place of active learning and get-togethers. Every year this international project is organized in cooperation with the Memorial site. 

Type of Work: Transcribing of source material for the online Ravensbrück Archive is the main activity. Translation of source material is an optional activity, but it depends on language skills. Please inform us which language skills you have!

Study Theme: Prisoners and female SS-guards, forced labour, commemoration and remembrance at Ravensbrück Memorial;  All participants are encouraged to join a creative writing workshop based on a talk with a daughter of a survivor and a workshop on Ravensbrück poems. Volunteers can work on creative writing together or individually. The goal of the workshop is to give the participants a chance for a creative-emotional outlet to highlight how they perceive Ravensbrück.There is also chance to highlight what the participants have done on SCI Germany's social media to honour their work. But this is voluntary.

Language: The group will speak English. 

Time Commitment: Times for the online ZOOM sessions will be finalised closer to the start of the project. 

Availability: Please note that there is limited availability for online projects, so we allocate these places on a first come, first served basis. 


  • You need to be a member of VSI to participate in this project. If you’re not yet a member, it’s easy to sign up - you can read more here, complete the membership form and pay your membership on this link (€20 for unwaged individuals, €40 for waged individuals). If you want to participate in one of our online projects but you are unable to pay the VSI membership fee, please let VSI know in confidence by emailing so we can help you to take part in the project.
  • You'll need a laptop (smartphones or tablets won't work) and a good internet connection that works with video calls for the project.
  • You'll need to send a motivation letter (just a short paragraph) to stating why you are interested in joining the project as well as confirming your availability to particpate throughout the whole project.
  • Finally, you'll need to fill out the application form below:

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