A Word from Senka - My First Week with VSI

23 Mar 2021

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Aine (top left), Maria (top right), Senka (bottom left), Mateja (bottom right). 


Here's what Senka thought of her first week with VSI! 

“I’m enjoying being a part of the team a lot! I am amazed by how many different and important topics are covered under the roof of this organization! We work with youth, disabled persons and refugees all at the same time. The three most important topics these days! Also, I was amazed by the warm welcome I received by the other team members, despite working online. I'm really looking forward to joining this team in person in September!

As a part of my volunteering I got a chance to take a part in SEEDS Iceland’s online project ‘Environmentally Aware’. Ecology and environmental protection have always been my passion. I absolutely love this opportunity to learn in an international environment, even with it being online! The project superseded all my expectations and I made amazing connections and met people from all over Europe. We had participants from Ireland, Slovakia, Serbia, Greece and many more. Some of the topics included sustainable fashion, handmade natural cosmetics, vegan dishes, and we also had interesting presentations about the different cultures of all the participants.”



Group Zoom photo of Senka and other participants from SEEDS Iceland's Environmentally Aware online project.