Being a part of an all-female team - The VSI Superhero Chronicles

9 Mar 2021

Working in the VSI office has offered the unique but wonderful experience of being a part of an all-female (superhero) team. The realisation of being surrounded by women in the workplace has reinforced the importance of seizing 2021 for all its capabilities, scope, opportunities and possibilities in that now more than ever is the time to rally together to leverage women’s potential in leadership and recognise their agency and empowerment in all spheres of life. 

Updated VSI Superheros

If the remnants of 2020 have taught us anything it’s that going at it alone is not the answer; building a support system and directing your energy into cultivating relationships with those who help you, provide you with hope and strength, and help you own your voice is key. A woman alone is powerful, a man alone is powerful, but collectively we make an impact; collectively we make a difference. Working in an office that amplifies women and lays the foundation for not only equality and empowerment for women but also self empowerment reinforces the supportive, progressive nature of VSI. The truth is that raising each other up and channeling the power of collaboration and equality is truly how we can make a positive change towards a more resilient, inclusive future. A future where people of all shapes, sizes, genders, races, sexual orientations, abilities and classes feel equal, empowered and heard.



The VSI team sharing what volunteering means to them (Top left: Aine, Programme Officer/ Top right: Mateja, Volunteer Programme Coordinator/ Bottom left: Maria, Communications and Marketing officer/ Bottom right: Helen, CEO)


Author: Maria Conte, VSI in-country ESC volunteer