VSI volunteering opportunities: Info session in Belfast

15 Jan 2019

Wednesday 6 February, 6-8pm; Volunteer Now, 34 Shaftesbury Square, Belfast 

Have you ever wondered what other exciting volunteering opportunities are available outside of Northern Ireland? This information session will outline the opportunities and charitable projects that exist for people who want to add an international dimension to their volunteering experience. From professional work placements to short term activity camps, there is something to suit everyone. 

VSI is one of the organisations taking part in the Info session and talk about our volunteer projects, application procedures, costs and eligibility criteria.

There will also be a number of people who have undertaken voluntary projects abroad and you can learn about their experiences.


If you’re an existing Event Volunteer with Volunteer Now Events Team register for this session online at My Volunteer Page, otherwise please email Raquel at events@volunteernow.co.uk or call on 078 5085 1816.

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