EVS vacancy in VSI: Communications & Marketing Officer

30 Jan 2018

VSI is now welcoming applications for the Communications & Marketing Officer role in our office in Dublin. We are looking for an international volunteer to join our team from early April 2018 for a period of 12 months (until April 2019).



About the project

Through our International Volunteer Programme (IVP) VSI contributes to peace, social and intercultural understanding and encourages young people to become more active citizens.  The focus of this EVS position is to promote VSI’s volunteering and non-formal educational opportunities through digital technologies and face-to-face communication. The overall purpose is to encourage young people to participate in VSI’s programmes to promote their engagement with the concepts and ideas of peace, solidarity, social justice, intercultural understanding, development education and active citizenship.

This project offers the EVS volunteer opportunities for personal and social development, to have an intercultural experience and to gain through informal learning; experience and skills that can be critical in her/his professional career.

The volunteer will experience volunteering in an international NGO and non-formal learning methodologies. S/he will bring a further intercultural element to VSI and the EVS project will encourage young people that we work with to explore international opportunities such as EVS, through contact with the EVS volunteer.

The project will increase the volunteer’s awareness of peace, solidarity, social justice, intercultural understanding, development education and active citizenship and will give the volunteer the opportunity to develop skills in digital technology, social media, communications and marketing.  The volunteer will meet lots of young people from different backgrounds as well as people of all generations through for example meeting the host organizations and VSI members.

The EVS volunteer will be offered opportunities to learn new skills and meet people from different cultures and religions and learn to recognize and develop their own skills and talents.

The volunteer will be based in the VSI office in Dublin and will travel in Ireland and internationally as necessary. General office hours are Monday to Friday 9.00 – 17.00 (35 hour week) with some evening and weekend hours.  


Volunteer’s role

The volunteer will support the development of VSI’s marketing in cooperation with the staff team. S/he will be involved in database development and maintenance, volunteer recruitment and maintaining social media.

VSI’s target groups are all young people in Ireland up to the age of 24. In addition to the general youth population VSI focuses on vulnerable and hard to reach young people or those with fewer opportunities including those who are socially and economically disadvantaged, young people in after care, asylum seekers and migrants and young people with disabilities.


1. Research

- Research organisations and contacts in Ireland for channels to reach our target groups: youth organisations and the youth sector; departments and courses in universities/colleges:NGOs, charities, other groups etc. to match with SCI aims and project themes e.g. peace, development, environment, children, disability, arts, archaeological, heritage etc. Other groups to include unemployed people/groups/organisations, teachers, over 50s/retirees, unions,

- General promotional targets e.g. Careers Offices in universities/colleges; schools; libraries; Volunteer Centres; Youth Information Centres.

-Research the SCI databases (short-term and long-term) to match projects with organisations and targets in Ireland.

- Research the EVS database of projects and organisations for EVS opportunities with particular resonance with SCI’s aims and values.

- Maintain the VSI’s Client Relations Management (CRM) records in conjunction with the VSI team.


2. Promotion of VSI programmes and activities

- Make contact with and develop relationships with target groups through the CRM contacts to connect them to SCI Projects.

- Through email, mailings, phone, face-to-face meetings, presentations, workshops etc. with potential volunteers.

- Maintain records of work carried out.

- Promote VSI’s projects taking place in Ireland, focusing on project descriptions and promotion in Ireland.

- Promote the above mentioned programmes and projects and assist VSI in general as required e.g. assisting with info and marketing events with the VSI team.

- Explore and research the use of new social media in the promotion of volunteering.

Create and maintain a VSI blog and Instagram for all volunteers including short-term. Long-term, EVS, both currently on projects and those returned.


3. Membership development

- Maintain and develop VSI’s relationship with members, volunteers, individual contacts (e.g. those signed up at fairs, those registered on OPS).

- Conduct surveys among VSI volunteers and members, for example those registered on the OPS but who have made no further contact.


4. VSI Photo library/archive

- Maintain VSI’s photo collection (electronic and hard copies); categorise and store. Create and develop file lists. Link with SCI Communications Group and other branches.


5. General

In cooperation with the staff team:

-Research new innovative projects, for example group projects, in conjunction with the staff team.

- Assist with other VSI activities e.g. Annual General Meeting.

- Assisting in office related duties with other staff members as appropriate, this may include answering phone and general enquiries to the office.

- Attend staff and other meetings as appropriate.



The Communications & Marketing Officer is responsible to the VSI CEO with whom the volunteer will meet regularly. The volunteer will write regular reports as agreed with the CEO.


Volunteers’ profile

This project would suit someone with:

- an interest in peace, solidarity, social justice, intercultural understanding, development education and active citizenship;

- an interest or experience in Marketing, Communications and social media; and 

- a good level of English.



The volunteer will live in a shared flat in Dublin.



If you are interested in this project, please fill in the application form and send it to projects@vsi.ie by 15th February 2018. Please indicate the name of the project you are applying for on the subject of the e-mail.