Peace Week on Human Rights

2 Sep 2015

Dear Friends,


The Peace Action Week on Human Rights regarding Gender, Sexuality and the use of the own body (hosted by FIYE Poland from 27 Nov – 3 Dec 2015) is now OPEN for APPLICATION.

The “Peace Action Week on Human Rights regarding Gender, Sexuality and the use over the own body” will be an event where we want to gather activists and local volunteers involved in the thematics of human rights, and especially regarding the topic of gender, sexuality and the use of the own body, from the very diverse countries in Europe; and go through a training process in which we will acquire: understanding of the situation of human rights in Europe; exchange of experiences and knowledge from experts and every participant; skills for activism and awareness raising; experience in organising awareness raising activities.
The training is based on the idea that every person (as recognised in the Universal Charter of Human Rights) has the right to equality, to freedom, and to a decent life, regardless of the personal determinations or choices related to their body, the use they make of it and any gender or sexual orientation that may be theirs. The traiing will go from general topics (as human rights) to more specific cases (gender, sexuality,...) and will finally put the focus on LGBTQi+ rights.
We are willing to contribute to this process by training, exchanging and raising awareness with young activists/volunteers from all over Europe and link this to the International Voluntary Service movement.
The aim of the training is also that participants will be empowered to organise awareness raising actions in their countries when they go back, so that the multiplying effect will make that actions on human rights related to gender, sexuality and the use of the own body, will happen and generate debates all over Europe and the world after the training.

 Please kindly find attached the detailed CALL and submit your online application before 13 October.

 This event is open to those who are currently residing in Council of Europe Countries please find the list here.

There will be 100% travel reimbursement up to 250€.  

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