“Picture Perfect? Breaking dangerous stereotypes based on gender & sexuality” Seminar Berlin November

21 Jul 2015

“Picture Perfect? Breaking dangerous stereotypes based on gender & sexuality” Berlin 1-8 November 2015 - Call for Seminar Participants

Background of the project

As a non-violent peace & voluntary organisation we want to draw increased attention both within and outside our movement to the plight of large sections of society who are continually subject to victimization, stereotyping, discrimination, lack of human rights and violence on a daily basis, fight against these different forms of social exclusion, create more understanding for, and express our solidarity with the targeted groups and individuals. 

We want to address issues and needs which are quite often ignored or hidden under the carpet in mainstream media: physical, oral & structural violence against women, and against those with different sexual orientations outside the perceived “norm”.

With these key objectives in mind, we are organising a project consisting of three main strands:

  • An opening seminar which will gather together active & experienced staff and volunteers from voluntary organisations from different European countries, in order to share & exchange their ideas & experiences in working on this topic, increase their knowledge, skills and competences, and together elaborate new activities to promote awareness-raising and motivate more young people to become active in fighting violence, stereotyping, discrimination and exclusion towards these target groups.
  • As a practical follow-up the opening event, it is planned to carry out widespread activities in each individual country, as for example:

- further research on the topic at national & local level

- workshops in schools & youth clubs

- work/study camps throughout Europe during summer

- producing a new Toolkit as an educational tool for future use

  • Following all the implementation of the activities, the project will culminate in October 2016 with an international "Trade Fair" near Bremen, in order to share & evaluate examples of good practice, disseminate & exploit the results and further develop innovative projects in the future.

 Aims and objectives of the opening seminar 1-8 November 2015

The first aim of this seminar is to bring together 25 active volunteers & project coordinators in order to exchange ideas and experiences as well as to further educate, train & empower each other with methods how to develop and implement awareness-raising and educational activities on the main issues. The second aim is to develop workcamps and other activities together for 2016.

Food and accommodation provided:

Travel costs covered 100%

Seminar fee: €50.00

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