Ukraine - news from SCI branch on current situation

11 Mar 2014

Ukraine - news from SCI branch on current situation

Dear friends and partners in SCI,

A special note regarding situation in Ukraine, as our country has made international headlines many times lately. We were planning this communication for quite a while already, but as situation is developing very fast, also the point and aim of our communication was getting affected.

First, some words about revolution. We were closely monitoring situation during the last months, and keep doing it now, and would like to share some of our observations with you.

What has started in November as students' protest for European integration of Ukraine, has evolved to mass public movement and protest against corruption, for freedom of speech and gatherings, for rule of law. It has become revolution of dignity, how many Ukrainians call it.

The result – the president and many ministers and former top officials have escaped, leaving certain power vacuum, which was immediately filled in by the parliament of Ukraine. With close control and cooperation of civil society the parliament and new government is working to re-establish the whole state system, from how the government was formed, to police, anti-corruption laws, legal system and much more. The 3 months of protest became a great school for civil society organizations and groups – the whole protest camp in Maidan, the central square of Kiev, was and remains a remarkable example of self-organized and self-supported system with own police, medical service, food supply, press-center and internet access, free university with lectures of experts, library, art projects, concerts and much much more. The protest has united all of Ukraine, young and old, East and West – because it was for dignity and human rights, and not for certain politician or political power. And many positive examples of self-organization, which have started in Maidan, now find their reflection on nation-wide level. The steps are small – but we see them, with government consulting public and experts, reacting to corruption and abuse of law from the side of officials of all levels, more open communication and information about work of government. And our prime-minister is flying economy class :-)

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