Can an International Volunteer Project help your organisation in 2014?

9 Dec 2013

Can an International Volunteer Project help your organisation in 2014?

Does your community/organisation need help to get some practical projects or much needed work completed in 2014?
Then maybe an International Volunteer Project can help you!
In the past 10 years we have helped community, environmental and other organisations all over Ireland to -



Small playground built by volunteers at Glebe House Project 2012

  • Make nature trails at an environmental centre
  • Organise Summer Play Schemes and community festivals
  • Renovate community centres
  • Organise holidays for wheelchair users
  • Other practical projects e.g. Tidy Towns

VSI is a peace organisation working for the sustainable development of local and global communities. Our aim is to promote greater inter-cultural understanding and cooperation by running a programme of International Voluntary Projects throughout Ireland each year.
Most of the projects run for a period of 2 weeks between June and September, but potentially they could run for longer and at any time of the year. It really depends on the type of work you have and when it needs doing. Usually there are between 6 - 16 volunteers for each project. We recruit the volunteers for you and offer you any support you may need in planning and hosting the project. Most of our projects are run in partnership with local co-operatives, charitable communities, and small voluntary organisations working hard to do something to improve the world. They just need extra helping hands.
Essential Information
If you feel your organisation could benefit from a team of well motivated, enthusiastic international volunteers, then contact the VSI office to discuss the idea further. You can find more information about what's involved in hosting projects by downloading our Project Info Pack/VSI Host Guide.

Contact the staff team at the VSI office - 01 8551011