SCI statement on Syria

6 Sep 2013

SCI statement on Syria
The civil war
in Syria has been going on already for more than 2 years and hundreds thousands of civilians of every age and gender have lost their lives in another blind and violent conflict.
In these days we stare at an escalation of threats and exposition and displacement of further military power on the costs of the Mediterranean Sea.All the world military powers, US, UK, Russia and others seem to play a chess game, threatening military intervention or repercussions to it.The situation gets more and more complicated.
News from Mainstream Media is often superficial and manipulated.
At the same time, public opinion is focused on internal problems, and involved in the never ending debate whether this time is the right time to move to war, expecting UN inspectors to provide governments with answers for their dilemma.
We are getting used to this way of solving conflicts.

How many times will we still have to go through this to understand that war does not solve the problems? How many Iraq's, Afghanistan's, Libya's, must we witness to understand that there is no cheap, easy, or just war?
All the military interventions in the last decade have only increased the chaos, bringing instabilities and, most importantly, worsening the life condition of people.
When the spotlight moves away from the flying missiles and the pompous speeches of heads of state, nobody is there to give the needed support to abandoned populations and our minds quickly move to next crisis.
This displacement of military force is the greatest exhibition of our fragility in the face of the recurrent conflicts on our planet.
Force is to believe in peace. Force is to run sustainable economics not based on the exploitation of migrants and cheap labour in other countries. Force is to support human rights and development of democracy and active citizenship worldwide and constantly without making compromises useful for calming prices of energies or raw materials.
When our nations recur to armed force is the clearest evidence of our weakness and short-sighted approach.
What is happening in Syria is in no way different from the plot we saw already too many times in other regions of the world. The only difference is that, after so many wars, it seems reasonable to debate about a proper way of entering the conflict and, in spite of the repeated failures, some heads of state still advertise fast and resolving intervention.

  • SCI strongly condemns this blind approach towards the resolution of conflicts. Alternatives are possible. On an international diplomatic level we call upon restarting negotiations in Geneva, a solution that seemed to be conceivable not so long ago. On the grassroots level we would like to emphasize once again initiatives for social reconstruction.SCI against all odds believe that people can live together with mutual respect and without recourse to any form of violence to solve conflict and we will keep pursuing our mission.
  • SCI denounces the negative impact of military intervention for serious peace building efforts and will continue to stand firmly against war, violence, indifference and social injustice.

Service Civil International