Volunteers needed for Regional Caravan Project on Hiv/Aids in East Africa August/September

4 Jul 2013

Volunteers needed for Regional Caravan Project on HIV/Aids in East Africa 16 August to 12 September 2013

Background: For more than 20 years of the scourge, HIV/AIDS has left a scar on almost all families in the Sub Saharan countries. Despite all the efforts to fight the disease, each day it continues to spread claiming mostly lives of the youth. Today as leaders continue to forge strategies for the integration of East African Countries through the East African Community, the need for the civil society to play their part too is inevitable. It is for this reason therefore that Uganda Pioneers Association (Uganda), UVIKIUTA (Tanzania), Kenya Voluntary Development Association (Kenya) and ABSV (Burundi) under the initiative of Eastern Africa Workcamps Association have chosen to organise the second ever regional International workcamp on HIV/AIDS.

Participation in this caravan project shall be open to volunteers from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, South Sudan, Rwanda and from all over the world while the activities of the project shall take place in the 3 East African countries including Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.


- To equip 25 local (3 from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan and Burundi respectively) and International youth with skills in Forum theatre for mobilisation and sensitisation on HIV/AIDS

- To mobilise and sensitise 10,000 people in Eastern Africa on HIV/AIDS prevention and care.
- To advocate for youth friendly approaches in handling HIV/AIDS through Forum theatre
- To popularise the ACT, LEARN and TEACH UNESCO Theatre, HIV and Aids Toolkit for Youth in Africa.
- Increase level of awareness of HIV/AIDS effects in youth in the region


- Open discussions and debates
- Holding workshops on HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care.
- Lectures on HIV/AIDS counselling and care for parents/children
- Visit Post AIDS clubs
- Performing forum theatre on HIV/AIDS prevention and care
- Radio talk shows
- Public dialogues

Interested: Contact Tom Ryder at the VSI office

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