EVS vacancies available in Russia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan

30 May 2013

EVS vacancies available in Russia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan

Due to cancellations there are a few vacancies available in the SCI EVS programme in Eastern Europe. These EVS placements start on 1st of October 2013 for 10 months duration.

Usual EVS rules apply (18-30 year olds only; travel, accommodation, food, pocket money provided).

Azerbaijan - Work against social exclusion of childen and adolescents in IDP communities

The aim of the project is to work against social exclusion of children and adolescents in communities of "Internally displaced people", IPD-communities. AYAFE is working directly with IDP's in Azerbaijan and feels that EVS-volunteers will bring an important additional benefit to this work. The IDP community locates in Baku and they living in old buildings of schools, kindergartens, hostels. AYAFE implements long term awareness raising campaign that addresses to the problems of IDP people from conflict areas of Azerbaijan.

Role and tasks of the volunteers:
The main task of the volunteers will be to organise various social and cultural activities for the children and young people with IDP/Refugee background. Although the volunteers will have some freedom in deciding the final programme to be set up, the programme will include English/French/German classes, music classes, art lessons, sport activities and some other social activities and cultural activities (organzing festivals, excursions, exhibitions, competitions) together with AYAFE volunteers.

Ukraine: Eco-school, Artemovsk

The project of Eco-school is realized in Bakhmat since 1999. The goal of the project is to educate young people of Artemovsk on environmental issues and raise their environmental awareness. Additionally, the project aims to develop opportunities for extra-curricular activities of school children, involve them in volunteer work and environmental actions

Role and tasks of the volunteers:

  • Preparing information materials for sessions of Eco-School,
  • Participating in sessions of eco-school
  • Organizing and running practical outside actions incl organizing sessions on volunteering and leadership. Helping in organizing the Eco-school, technical support

Russia Project Veras, Nishni Novgorod

Nizhny Novgorod region nongovernmental organization of assistance to children and youth «Veras» aims to to enable children and young people with disabilities equal opportunities of participation in the life of society, their social adaptation and integration into society.

Role and Tasks of the volunteers

Volunteers can help in the day-stay centre where children and youngsters with different disabilities stay during the day. The tasks for the volunteer are: playing with children, helping them in socially-domestic adapting, making small workshops on handicrafts. Our pedagogues are ready to teach volunteer working with our children. If the volunteer can play any musical instrument, he could arrange musical hours for children.

Russia Orphanage "Malyshok", Ulan Ude, Siberia

The "Malishok" orphanage is a social care institution which hosts between 100 and 120 orphans and children abandoned by their parents. The children are provided with social and medical care and being prepared for school. The aim of the orphanage is to give a home to socially disadvantaged children and to help them integrate into society. The volunteers will work with the children, organise activities with them to help them integrate into society

Russia Youth Memorial, Perm
The aim of the project is to bring together young volunteers and elderly people who were subjected to political repression in the Soviet period. The EVS volunteers take care of elderly victims of political repression in their every day life. About 4 500 people, who were politically persecuted, live now in the city and are members of the Society "Memorial". About 40 of them are lonely and ill and need regularly help. They can't often afford to pay for the state social help. For those aims the social voluntary service of "Youth Memorial" was created about 20 years ago. Since 2003 foreign volunteers (along with young Russians) visit elderly victims of political repression, help them with cooking, cleaning of the flat and shopping for food and medications.

Please note, these vacancies are available only through VSI.

If you are interested please contact Helen in VSI as soon as possible
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