Young Lawyers for Kyrgistan

24 Jun 2009

Young Lawyers of Kyrgistan Project 12/07/09-02/08/09

The project goal is the mobilization of young lawyers-universities students aimed at establishing initiative groups to provide legal services to vulnerable groups of the population.


Volunteers will help with -

  • conducting information campaign on the project and selecting 30 HEI students willing to participate in the project implementation
  • training for 30 selected young lawyers;
  • establishing five working groups (teams) with six students in each group headed by Young Lawyers of Kyrgyzstan (YLK)
  • Saturdays and practical legal consultations to be provided by the working groups under YLK's supervision
  • discussion groups involving experienced lawyers-practitioners; and conducting a career development fair involving potential employers and circulating a Resumes Book. More info on the Project Search Engine.