New projects in Ireland

29 Apr 2009

New Projects in Ireland -Volunteers needed

  • July 09 -Knockanstockan is an independent music festival organised to bring musicians together to celebrate, showcase and share their music with like-minded people. In its third year in 2009, the festival aims to provide a much needed platform for emerging talent in Ireland and to cut the cost of going to see great music for genuine music lovers. Knockanstockan is a non-profit festival that involves the local community; any net profits are reinvested to provide a platform for musicians, artists and like-minded people to engage and express themselves year round. The festival is run completely by volunteers. . Volunteers will be part of the 'build and break' team - building and breaking down festival structures including stages; collecting cans and rubbish and building a structure from these, chopping trees, making tipis and stewarding. Volunteers will be able to attend the festival during the times that they are not working.
  • July/August 09 -Barcroft is a housing estate of 4,000 people, on the edge of Newry City; there are a lack of facilities and activities for children and young people during the summer. The local community centre runs an annual summer scheme for children and young people age 6 - 18 years and needs volunteers to help with the activities. There is a focus on outward-bound activities including canoeing and hill-walking, there will also be sporting events, excursions, arts and crafts, games and leisure activities.
    Volunteers will help with all the activities. Barcroft would like volunteers to bring some items from their own countries/cultures and to speak to the children about their cultural backgrounds.

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