Bangladesh - Cyclone Relief Shelter Project

23 Mar 2009

' In SCI Japan, we are preparing for a proposal for an international design competition for the construction of "Cyclone Relief Shelter" which is the most necessary (project/ necessity) at cyclone disaster area as one of the volunteer projects in Bangladesh. This shelter also functions as a school, a day care center, a community hall and or a medical facility when it is not in an emergency situation.

There are many areas where the people are living under such conditions that they are not taken care by architects/engineers to live in minimum standard and to protect people from severe weather or disaster. In order to provide all people equally with minimum living environment, we like to ask talented and passionate architects/engineers or students in architecture to utilize their knowledge, techniques and experiences to the needed projects. The project shall be as part of SCI projects administrated and coordinated by project team initiated by SCI involvement' . More info