What does it mean to host EVS/ESC volunteers?

From the perspective of a hosting organisation - European Solidarity Corps & European Voluntary Service

PVN has been actively hosting ESC volunteers from different European countries for many years. The impact the ESC volunteers bring to the organisation and to the target groups sometimes is countless, the impact they have is multi-dimensional. Hosting young people from different cultures, different backgrounds, different skills and different attitudes, constantly makes our activities very diverse, reshape some programmes, adapt tools and much more. This makes our organisation always on the “move”.  Of course, when hosing ESC there is huge responsibility and many duties from our side to give adequate support to the volunteers, but while we give support to them, we improve our work, procedures and practices. ESC volunteers make the organisation vital, refresh some tools and bring new ones. 

Albania is a country which aspire EU, and ESC volunteers are a great “source” to promote EU values, diversity, equality, solidarity, inclusion and peace.  In addition, they promote and encourage active youth participation and active citizenship by taking initiatives them self and encouraging   other young people to engage and bring the change they wish to see locally and internationally. ESC volunteers come with their experiences and their unique characteristics, a new culture of working and behaving, and all of this are transmitted to our youth in the local level.

They promote volunteering at young people in local level, and international level.   

For the local community   they bring new tools, attitudes, values. We do work with children and young people with fewer opportunities and special needs, which usually feel discriminated and excluded. ESC volunteers give so much attention to them, treat them with patience and love (the kind of treatment and communication which they don’t usually find in their daily life). The community members feel accepted, cared, valuable and useful. ESC volunteers always find the patience to help them do things together, believe in them and help them to explore themselves and new things.