Organising Events in Slovenia

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Things are starting to settle in a kind of routine for me at Menza pri Koritev the arts and media project in Llubijiana. I feel like I can give some account of what things are like here in a day to day. The past few weeks have been the settling in period of all the crew of metelkova from the summer holidays and I have met almost all the members of the organization.

The first big event of my project was the celebration of the birthday of Metelkova Mesto, which is where my organisation is located, the area used to be a former Yugoslavia army barracks, then it was occupied by young artists and musicians 17 years ago. Menza organises concerts and performances as well as workshops. My input was a workshop for children during the day. We collected plastic bottles from the bar and made a recycled fish workshop which was a sucess despite the weather on the day. After this I became involved with a partner orgainsation of Menza, Alcatraz gallery. They were hosting an international exchange with an artist from Nicaraga and I assisted her and another girl installing a mural on the entrance of Menza club. During this period I was helping in the Menza kitchen preparing food for the festival guests. It has been really interesting meeting people from all over who come to Menza to perform or lecture or exhibit. The events of Menza are coordinated at weekly meetings which paticipating members attend, we arrange the schedule for concerts, meals and distribution of flyers and posters.

Aside from this I have a space in the office of the organisation with a computer for editing. My first video task was to film a concert of a Japenese experimental band, which I am in the process of editing for the Menza website. Otherwise with my Slovene course I am about to start lessons on Monday which I am absolutly looking forward to. I have been allowed to join a slighty more advanced class on account of my knowing some Slovene already.

The winter in Ljubljana has set in, which has changed the mood of daily life here, shorter days and a lot of fog, but to be honest I am looking forward to the routine of a schedule and hard work. I will send you some pictures and links to the videos as some get going... better run to the meeting!

All the best,

Liegh San Juan, Slovenia (2010)



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