Municipal youth service in Brovst, Denmark

Children and youth - European Solidarity Corps & European Voluntary Service

I'm working in the Jammerbugt Ungdomsskole, a municipal youth service in Brovst, NW Denmark. My work revolves around 3 main areas : Projektklassen (the Project class); schools; and developmental youth work.

The project class is an informal educational programme for young people, aged between 14 and 16 years, for whom the mainstream educational system did not work. I work with this programme for 2 1/2 days per week and teach English in an informal manner to young people on a one to one basis.

The second area of my work is in schools and I am developing the 'fun & games programme' which is a catalogue of a wide range of English language games, activities, stories and rhymes which I will deliver in schools.

The third area of my work is developmental youth work and includes work around the Youth in Action programme, specifically European youth exchanges, training for youth workers, and partnership building activities.

Overall, I'm thoroughly enjoying my work and life in Denmark, my organisation and fellow EVSs have been very warm and welcoming. Obviously there is a period of transition when you go to a new country and try to learn a new language and while my Danish is very basic, I'm enjoying the challenge and am glad that I took the opportunity to do this EVS.

Amanda Slevin, Denmark (February to August, 2009)



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