What I learnt in Tanzania

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My trip was such a humbling, exciting and frustrating experience all rolled into one. I was humbled by seeing the challenges some communities were faced with and how they face those challenges with much greater acceptance and enthusiasm than I accept mine here. I learned that having a supportive community around you is a million times more important than having two bathrooms and three cars outside your house.

But I also learned that access to opportunity and choice is truly a gift that we are blessed to have in Europe. The trip really brought home to me the issues that we read about and see in the media, I learned what it's really like to live without fresh water and electricity and that actually the hardest thing is not necessarily those challenges but instead access to markets and health care was perhaps more important. I learned to live life at a different pace, to adjust expectations and that we in the West has as much to learn from Tanzania as Tanzania does from us in the so-called West.

Jenny Black, Autumn 2007

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