Two sides of Ecuador

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Publication cover - Two sides of Ecuador Linda Keogh 2010The project I chose had two very different sides to it; the first fortnight was spent in the cloud forest 50km from Quito, the last two weeks in a "coastal" town teaching English to primary school children. I am a zoologist and have taught and worked with children before, so I was looking forward to both types of work, though no experience was necessary!

I travelled around South America for six weeks before the project begun, learning a bit of Spanish and seeing some of the world. Arriving in the Chiriboga Foundation house in Quito was almost like reaching home. The two sisters in charge of the project are very welcoming, with lots of experience with international volunteers and well organised! The first night was spent learning of the history of the Chiriboga cloud forest and the foundation, and what work we would do there. I also met the other volunteers; four Spaniards, three Germans and one Irish...

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Linda Keogh

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