Festivals, PR and Theatre in Austria

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My name is Amy Fox and I come from Dublin. I have spent a little over two months now in Salzburg, Austria where I am undertaking my EVS project. My first impressions of the Austrian people have been very positive. My Hosting Organisation Akzente, their EVS Coordinator Barbara Sieberth & the staff have been very helpful in every respect and made me feel very welcome since my arrival in early February. Barbara has organised different get-together's and the volunteers meet quite regularly for feedback and excursions.

The house where I am living is a student residence made up of 125 people. It has 15 EVS volunteers and the rest are students, most of who are here on Erasmus study. I had no idea what to expect when I arrived here in Salzburg, but everyone has been open and friendly. We talk to each other about how are projects are going and there is always someone who will listen if you have had a tough day.

My On Arrival Training in Vienna happened in mid-February was four days of fun and learning. I met with 13 other newly arrived EVS volunteers. We will meet again in June 3rd - 5th in Innsbruck for our Mid Way training which I am looking forward to.

My EVS project is based in ARGEKultur which is an Arts & Cultural centre. I am still getting to know the people & the place but my time there so far has been enjoyable. I have completed work on preparing a press pack for a cabaret festival, maintaining their general PR folder and updating their events on-line. I have also recently completed work on an 'In House' Production that Premiered a new piece of Contemporary Music, Opera & Drama. I am very much looking forward to the months ahead as the centre has many interesting avant garde musical and theatre events coming up which I will be able to attend or work on. I am thoroughly enjoying the independence and 'hands on' working experience that the EVS Experience has given me so far. I would encourage anyone interested in doing EVS to go to a new country and enjoy all the benefits of the life long learning and cultural experiences I have been lucky to have so far!

Amy Fox, Austria (2008)



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