Life in Mexico

Poverty and social injustice, Community life - Asia Africa & Latin America

I learnt a lot from the experience. It certainly made me think differently about many things in life. I was already interested in development issues, fair-trade and global politics but this has made me even more interested.

I now think about every cup of coffee I drink, about where it came from and about the people who grow it. Do they get a fair wage? I think about where we get our food from and how it reaches us, how many people were involved along the way. I also learnt to be patient and that small steps can lead to greater things.

The project was only for a short time but hopefully each workcamp will help the community bit by bit and great things can be achieved. The people of Pilateno were wonderful, welcoming and kind.

They accepted our group into their houses and families and we all had great fun together. I think that we can learn from such communities. While they don't have a lot of material things, they make the most of what they do have and enjoy life in any way they can.'

Tanya Kirk, Summer 2007

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