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Voluntary Service International (VSI)

Data Protection and Privacy Statement

VSI is committed to safeguarding your privacy online. This statement explains how we will collect, use and disclose information. This statement may change from time to time, so please check this page periodically.

It’s important that you feel completely comfortable and confident that your personal information is in safe hands. VSI takes protecting your privacy extremely seriously and takes all reasonable steps to ensure your information is secure.

The use of your personal information, why we collect it and what we save varies depending on how you interact with VSI, what consent you have given us and what the situation is. We have done our best to indicate this throughout the statement.

What information we collect

We may collect a variety of personally identifiable or sensitive information from you for various reasons. For example, we may collect:

  • Any personal details you may choose to give us, such as your name, age, email, phone number and address. We save this so we can keep in touch with you.
  • Your financial details, if you have paid a membership or project fee or made a kind donation to us. We need this to process your contribution / donation including accessing your tax back on your donation if appropriate.
  • Your education and employment background, in order to process your application if you have applied to work or volunteer with VSI.
  • Any equal opportunity data, or physical or mental health information that you may have given us if you apply to volunteer with VSI. This is so we can fully and fairly administer your application.
  • Your experience as a volunteer along with your particular interests in joining and becoming active in VSI. We need this so we can send you information about particular volunteer projects that might be of interest.
  • Your feedback on volunteering and other activities with VSI. We want to remain relevant and up to date, gathering feedback on what we do is really important, any feedback gathered is strictly confidential.

Why we collect information

Whenever you interact or communicate with us, we collect personal information. This information allows us to function and become more efficient. Some examples may include:

Processing volunteer and employee applications. Your personal and sensitive information allows us to communicate with you and assess your suitability for the role.

We would like to use the personal details you provide us to communicate with you about the impact you make and to give you our news. We may also let you know about other ways you could get involved with VSI – whether that’s through volunteering, campaigning, events, fundraising initiatives or educational/training activities.

When you give us your details we will always tell you what we are going to do with them. If we request your contact details for any reason, you will always have an option to not give us them or to opt out. It is always your choice and you can change your mind at any time by contacting us at info@vsi.ie

Where we collect information from

Examples may include:

  • From you directly, for example, when you fill out a volunteer application form or when you make a donation. VSI is the Irish branch of the international peace and solidarity organisation Service Civil International (SCI). One of our international project databases and our online placement system for those projects are managed by SCI. Please see SCI’s Privacy Notice here.
  • From external sources, for example, when you interact with us on social media.
  • From other organisations, when you give permission or where your personal data is available publicly. For example, if you work for another NGO or youth organisation.
  • From our website, when you visit. For example, we use software such as Google Analytics to identify which pages on our website are visited most. This information is collected automatically. It does not contain any personal or sensitive information, so browsing is anonymous. For information on this, and the use of cookies, please read our Website Privacy Policy here.

How long we keep your information for

We keep personal information for different lengths of time dependent on the purpose. For example, we would like to keep volunteer information beyond the length of a placement so we can keep in touch about our work and continue our relationship together. We want to ensure that the personal information we collect from you is used to appropriately support our work and considers any future dealings that you would like to have with us. For example, many people ask to receive references for their voluntary work with VSI. In these cases it is important that we have the correct information on file.

You can contact us at any time to ask us to see, amend or remove your personal information that we are holding.

Who we share your personal information with

Your information will be kept confidential to VSI, we never provide or sell your personal details with third parties for the purpose of marketing. The only exception to this would be where there was a lawful reason for your information to be provided to the police, regulatory bodies or legal advisers.

Sometimes we may need to share your information with external organisations. Some of our branches and partner organisations are outside the European Economic Area. Whenever we share or transfer your personal information, we are committed to comply with the standards set by the GDPR and this privacy statement at a minimum

How your information is secure

The security of your information is of utmost importance to us. We seek to use reasonable measures to protect your information as required by the law and in accordance with the policies VSI has set. Sensitive data (known under GDPR as Special Categories of Data) is held under strict security conditions. If you have any reason to believe that any personal information we hold is no longer secure, please contact us immediately.

Further information

Further information on the law that says how your personal information can be used can be found here:

You can also contact the Data Protection Commissioner’s Office to find out more about types of personal information, its usage and your rights, or to report a concern.

Managing your communications from us

You have the right to know what personal information we have about you, to make changes to how you hear from us, and to ask us to stop processing or to remove your personal information. You also have the right to ask for a copy of the information we have.

You can change your communication preferences at any time; just get in touch with us info@vsi.ie

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